Eisenhower / Johnson Tunnel

Project Summary

The Eisenhower-Edwin C. Johnson Memorial Tunnel has become a transportation artery for Colorado and the nation. It’s located on i70 in the Rocky Mountains, carrying the interstate underneath the Continental Divide.

Dedicated in 1973, the dual-bore, four-lane tunnel approximates an average of 28,000 vehicles per day, or 10.7 million vehicles per year as of 2012. It is the longest mountain tunnel and the highest point on the US Interstate Highway System.

The tunnel operates 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Electrical preventative maintenance is necessary to ensure the tunnel can continue to accommodate the high usage without any catastrophic failures that might result in closures or delays.

GTI Work Scope:

Preventative Maintenance contract that includes Visual, Mechanical & Electrical Inspection, Testing, and Cleaning of:

  • (8) Medium Voltage Liquid-Filled Transformers
  • (65) Protective Relays
  • (58) Low & Medium Voltage Motors
  • (35) 1600 Amp Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers
  • (6) 3200 Amp Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers
  • (2) 500 KW Emergency Generators
  • (1) Infrared Scan/Thermographic Survey to inspect physical and mechanical condition & verify temperatures of problem areas relative to ambient temperatures
  • Capture baseline thermographic images of all devices scanned, and document problem areas with a still photograph
  • Data Collection and Reporting

All work performed in accordance with NETA Maintenance Testing Specifications.